Our Little Piece of Paradise


Thursday 27th June 2013 (8:26pm UK time). It was the moment we received the email confirmation that we had completed on the purchase of Ocean View.  Our little piece of paradise in the sun.

We have been visting Barbados for many years (and were even married there) and despite travelling quite extensively throughout Europe we always jumped at the chance to return to our favourite holiday destination whenever we could. There's something very special about the place: the sun and the beach of course but also the people. It's somewhere we have always felt at home and somewhere we always felt like making our home - if only for a few weeks each year.

We spent 12 months looking for the right place (12 very difficult months of course..) and knew we had found what we were looking for when we were shown around Ocean View. To put our intuition to the test, we went back and stayed there as 'rental guests' for a few days in May and a month later the legal formalities were complete and Ocean View was our new home in the sun.

Previous owners Benny and Marie Larsson have were wonderful to work over the past month. They are now full-time Barbados residents and looking to build their own place on the island. As for us, we are jumping on a flight in three days time to pick up the keys and open a bottle of something cold and sparkling on the terrace of our little piece of paradise.