Private chef Lionel makes it easy (like Wednesday evening…)

Lionel gets to work on deserts

Lionel gets to work on deserts

The scallops arrive

The scallops arrive

At Ocean View there are many options for dining out – Mullins Beach Bar & Grill and Bombas are a short stroll away and some of the best restaurants on the island including The Tides , Cin Cin and, of course, The Cliff are a short drive along the coast.

But now we’ve discovered that dining in can be even more of an occasion – particularly if you hire your own chef for the evening!

We recently took a booking for Ocean View from a guest who asked if this might be an option. We made a few enquiries, were pointed in the right direction and decided we should give it a try for ourselves before making a recommendation. We did just that yesterday evening and out recommendation is now whole-hearted!

Lionel is our star chef and we can now make arrangements for him to prepare meals for all our guests. He usually works at the muti-million dollar Cove Spring House where he is one of 19 staff looking after a wealthy guests who expect the best. Our expectations may have been a little lower but he exceeded them in every possible way.

We met Lionel on Tuesday and talked through the menu. In our case we were looking for a family meal with some variety and decided to eat ‘family style’ with a range of dishes that we could serve ourselves. He will more usually serve plated courses for guests but can fit in with your needs.

Lionel took care of the shopping (we gave him a float) and came back on Wednesday evening at around 5pm to set to work in the kitchen here at Ocean View. We retired to Mullins bar for a couple of hours and came back to wonderful aromas and our dinner ready to be served.

Our range of starters included wonderful scallops, a sublime shrimp risotto and the best crab cakes we’ve ever tasted. To follow, a chicken alfredo, tasty mahi-mahi and succulent steaks served with vegetables, sweet potato mash and fragrant lemon and thyme rice. Finished off (and we were!) by a homemade strawberry cheesecake, crème brûlées and individual lemon meringue pies.

Apart from the quality of the food, which was excellent, we also enjoyed Lionel’s company. He’s a tremendously nice guy and our lads were constantly chatting to him and asking him questions. He left the kitchen as he found it and even boxed up spare food for the fridge which, to be honest, we expect to be eating for the next couple of days.

And his charges? US$150 for the evening to which you need to add the cost of the food shopping. We reckon it is extremely good value when compared to eating at local restaurants and it certainly makes eating out on the terrace even more special.

So let us know if you would like us to arrange a visit from Lionel. He'll certainly make it easy (like Wednesday evening...)